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UNSET2.0 (2018)

interactive dance

A performance evening consisting of a series of interactive dances in which a volunteer audience participant joins the UNSET2.0 professional ensemble. Together, in front of a live audience, they co-create an improvised dance. Dancers, musicians, lighting designers, and projection artists take their artistic cues off of the audience participant so seamlessly that the profiles of leader and follower, trained dancer and audience member are indistinguishable.

7 dancers, 1 Master of Ceremonies, 4 musicians, 1 lighting artist, 2 projection artists, 7-10 spects (audience participants)

produced by Live Action Set, The Theorists, and The Interactive Deep Dive

The philosophy behind the show:

Everyone moves. Everyone can dance.

When we are young, our naivete gives us the freedom to dance with abandon. As we gain life experience and become adults, our skin hardens, our shoulders cave in, and our minds critique our moves. Though we may lose touch with our facility, we never fully lose our ability. What if this ability within you could be reignited? 

The UNSET2.0 ensemble believes that there are some things that cannot be said with words, even some things that are best said without words--stories that are held so deeply in our bodies that they need to be expressed through movement. This is the power of dance. UNSET2.0 invites you to dance with us, to share your story with us!

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For Spring, 2018 performances in Austin, TX:


director: Joanna Harmon
assistant directors: Christy Casey (assistant to the director and technical designer), Olivia Jimenez (director of therapeutic applications), Kevin Reilly (director of projections), Thrills (projection designer)
artistic advisors: Eve Schulte, Noah Bremer, Amy Morrow, Jeff Wirth


dancers: Kevin Armstrong, Veronica DeWitt, Ciceley Fullylove, John Grewell, Isaac Iskra (intern), Lily Kazanoff, Amy Morrow, Kelsey Oliver
musicians: The Good House Collective: Zoe Cagan (flute), Christian Clark (percussion), Nic Dominguez (bass), Brian Ellis (guitar)


The following individuals and groups contributed to the development of UNSET2.0. Thank you for your support of this project as “rehearsal participants,” as fellow brainstormers of ideas, as contributors of rehearsal space, as financial gifters, and as undying cheerleaders. Thank you, thank you, thank you:

Danielle Bardgette, Ben Bazan, Noah Bremer, Vickie Casey, Lawrence Coleman, Brian Felk, Eliot Gray Fisher, Samaneh Gharahi, Erica Gionfriddo, Erik Heger, Brooks Kasson, Tony Picciolo, Isabella Robledo, Mason Rosenthal, The Rude Mechs, Topher Sipes, Oliver Steck, Dan Szymanski, Rebecca Whitehurst, and The Deep Dive Team: Christy Casey, Carlo D’Amore, Matson Duncan, Tessa Goodnight, Joanna Harmon, Olivia Jimenez, Ben Nathan-Serio, Kevin Percival, and Jeff Wirth.

UNSET 2.0 photo: Galen Higgins
ensemble photos: Bill Ledbetter, imagelectic.com
design: Joanna Harmon
video: Noah Bremer