photo credits: Dan Norman and Bill Cameron


producer for:

The Sparrow (2016)


A performance in two acts about cyclical energy and inspired by sea-weary sailors’ belief that the sighting of a sparrow is the harbinger of a new life’s journey: life at sea will end, and a life on land will begin.

Act 1 - A movement-narrative about a bird-like creature’s attempt to fly. A company of supporting dancers shift fluidly between being the natural forces of water and wind and the life forms that those elements eject, consume, mold into creation, and fold back into itself.

Act 2- A vibrantly-colored cabaret of a dozen clown vignettes that expose humans’ struggles to first connect to a partner and then to remain connected. Characters — individuals and couples— represent various stages of a common emotional cycle in which they discover, reveal, hide, and re-expose romantic desires.

23 performers

produced by Live Action Set with support from The Southern Theater