photo credit: Thai Phan-Quang


producer for:

The Big Lowdown: Minnesota Immigrants (2016)

immersive theater, interactive theater

A promenade performance that immerses audience members in the fictional land of Upportornia to experience journeys inspired by those of real-life immigrants and refugees living in Minnesota. When audience members arrive at the venue, they are endowed as newly arriving immigrants and must navigate the 1.5-hour long performance-experience — inside and out of the building— in a collage of activities. Those include completing immigration forms, reuniting with family members, securing jobs, and attending culture class, all while being spoken to in the gibberish language of Upportornia. The Big Lowdown is a celebration of the resilience of those creating a new life in a new land. Suitable for all ages and speakers of all languages. Research to collect real-life stories was conducted through interviews with immigrants and refugees now living in Minnesota.

8 performers, 7 rotating musical groups

co-produced by Live Action Set, Dangerous Productions, and The Bedlam Theater