photo credit: Noah Bremer and Eric Melzer


producer and tour manager for:

The 7-Shot Symphony
(a.k.a. The Kickass Cowboy Show) (2011)

physical theater

An explosive mash-up of seven classic myths from around the world set against the backdrop of America's epic Old West. With the ferocity of a Spaghetti Western film come-to-life unfold stories of superhuman strength, heroism, ate, duty, love, legend, and comeuppance. Characters include Mayor "Gil" (-gamesh) who oversees the territory, Sheriff Odin who enforces the peace, and Fenrir the Outlaw who wreaks havoc. A stylistic combination of Italy's Commedia dell'Arte, France's trateau traditions, and American’s Saturday morning cartoons, The 7-Shot Symphony is performed without a set or props; 7 actors play 47+ characters and convey a plethora of richly defined locations with nothing but their bodies.

7 performers, 5 musicians

*****Winner of Ivey Award for "Overall Excellence” (2011)*****

produced by Live Action Set and toured to 14 cities across the U.S.A.