photo credit: Christy Casey

producer for:

The Poker Project (2017)

interactive theater

A 3-hour narrative experience for 5 individuals spanning locations from bar to car to clandestinely-located club house. Weekly tradition brings together a group of iconic personalities to a high-stakes poker game: the mogul, the sheriff, the damsel, the reporter, the novice, the boss, and the dealer. Each tries his best hand to maneuver the characters' personal relationships at risk.

This "playtest" production experimented with a high spect-to-live-inter-actor ratio as well as building high-stakes relationships through solely technological means (e.g. in-ear pieces and text messaging).

6 inter-actors (2 live/in-scene and 4 communicating through technology) 5 spects (participants)

produced by Live Action Set and The Interactive Deep Dive

For Winter, 2017 performances in Austin, TX:


director: Tyler Olsen
producer: Joanna Harmon
production team: Noah Bremer, Christy Casey, Carlo D'Amore, Joanna Harmon, Olivia Jimenez, Paige Keane, Ben Nathan-Serio Kevin Percival, Jeff Wirth


INTER-ACTORS: Christy Casey, Carlo D'Amore, Olivia Jimenez, Paige Keane, Ben Nathan-Serio, Kevin Percival