photo credit: Kate Russell

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OpenMind (2018)

interactive theater / SimuLife

A 4-day narrative that weaves its fiction through the real-life landscape of Austin, Texas. It spans public protests, secret meetings, scenic overlooks, and private board rooms. Participants confront a science fiction world of the not-too-distant-future in which a thought-capturing technology called OpenMind threatens personal privacy as much as it contributes to social good. Rifts in space-time shift participants between parallel universes, opening the opportunity to affect the course of two histories. How will this rift in the time/space continuum affect the future? The answer lies in the hands of those who engage with an "open mind."

23 interactors, 100+ "extras," 2 spects (participants)

produced by The Interactive Deep Dive and Meow Wolf

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For Spring, 2018 performances in Austin, TX during SXSW Festival:


director: Carlo D'Amore
producer: Joanna Harmon
producer (performance period): Kenneth Ingraham
production team: Jackson Barnes (capture director), Christy Casey (liaison to Meow Wolf), Carlo D'Amore (spect liaison), Raven Garza (locations manager), Joanna Harmon (capture liaison), Olivia Jimenez (co-director of stage management team), Sophie Kruip (stage manager), Tal Leeds (print copy writer), Talena Martinez (stage manager), Ben Nathan-Serio (location liaison), Kevin Percival (co-director of stage management team), Tiffany Springle (stage manager), Alan Watts (creator of "the gizmo") Jana Zek (art director)
sound design: Man Made Music


PRIMARY INTER-ACTORS: Christy Casey, Joanna Harmon, Olivia Jimenez, Paige Keane, Ben Nathan-Serio, Kevin Percival, Jeff Wirth
SUPPORTING INTER-ACTORS: Heather Barfield, Ben Bazan, Kaci Beeler, Brooks Casson, Carlo D'Amore, Mick D'Arcy, Andrew Fisher, Tessa Goodnight, Tom Green, Anapaula Guajardo, Yesenia Herrington, Margaret Hunsicker, Robert Matney, Sean Moran, Nathan Porteshawver, Morgan Russell
"EXTRAS": 100+ Austin-based performers, and participants of the Meow Wolf scavenger hunt