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The Oakey Family Supper Club (2019)

interactive theater

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It’s that time of year again- time for the Oakey Family Supper Club! The far-flung members of the Oakey family gather at their historic Las Vegas family home to reconnect. They’re just your typical family of school teachers, astronauts, agents, mobsters, and surly 20-somethings, all getting together to celebrate the entire family despite deaths, internal conflicts, and accidents… but every family has an underbelly. It’s a raucous, sometimes bittersweet, and always hilarious gathering with family new and old… 

“The Oakey Family Supper Club” is an interactive theatrical experience like no other: you’re not simply watching it, you’re in it. Part immersive show, part improvisation, part scripted narrative, and part party this experience plays out in a site-specific location over the course of an evening dinner party. It’s like “The Truman Show” meets “The X-Files” in an evening of fun, food, and the supernatural. Only serious players are admitted and guests must submit a request for a seat at the table.

5 interactors, 8 spects (audience participants)


produced by Live Action Set

photo: Bill Cameron
design: Joanna Harmon