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Hello, I'm Joanna!


My creations combine the immediacy of live theater, the structure of narrative story, and the poetics of abstraction to create viscerally engaging experiences. Some things look like dance. Some things look like theater. And some things look like a new frontier!

As Co-Producing Artistic Director of Live Action Set, a movement-based performance company in Minneapolis, MN, since 2009 I have led the creation of over a dozen full-scale performances across a range of styles including dance-theater, clown, large-scale immersive productions, and multi-day interactive narratives for just 1 participant. We are honored that our work has received numerous accolades and awards including two Ivy Awards for “Best Overall Production” and “Excellence in Theatrical Design.”

My interest in the relationship between performer and audience member has led me to explore interactive story techniques that allow participants to become co-creators of their own experiences. In 2017/18, I was a member of The Interactive Deep Dive, a "pop-up" think-tank comprised of 10 individuals based across the country. Together, we focused on developing the field of interactive story by producing and prototyping interactive narrative experiences across digital and analog platforms.

People, places, things inspire me, and I'm always looking for interesting collaborators. Have an exciting project you want to create together? Let's connect!

joanna DOT elizabeth DOT harmon AT gmail DOT com

Currently, you can find me across the country,  often working in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Minneapolis, creating, producing, performing and leading workshops.

August, 2018

photo: Bill Ledbetter,