photo credit: Dan Norman


producer for:

Crime and Punishment (2014, 2015)

immersive theater/interactive elements

A twisted interpretation of Dostoyevsky’s novel, CRIME AND PUNISHMENT, that blends physical theater, dance and design in which the fever dream of having committed a cold-blooded murder is realized. Audience members don masks of the same anguished face— iterations of the character Raskolnokov— to walk freely throughout the intricately designed rooms fractured across the sprawling 12,000 sq. feet of an industrial basement. Tonally caught in a fever dream of the murder committed, audience members may observe, but not affect the action. Two-dozen complete storylines simultaneously unfold and are bound together by a tonal sound-score. Through repeat attendance, audience members can enrich their understanding of the unique motivations guiding each characters’ actions.

40 performers

***Winner of Ivey Award for "Excellence in Theatrical Design” (2015)***

co-produced by Live Action Set, Dangerous Productions, and The Soap Factory with initial support from The MN Fringe Festival