photo credit: Eric Melzer and Bill Cameron


producer for:

Basic North (2012)


A performance in 3, intertwining parts: a fusion of neutral mask technique (Without Wax), European clown (Quiet Heart) and modern dance (Start Select), and stylistically guided by one principle: no bullshit.

Without Wax
A performance that strips away the artifice of modern humanity to reveal the profound in the mundane through a unique performance style of neutral-mask-sans-mask.

Quiet Heart
A solo-clown work that peels back the wallpaper of a quiet person’s interactions with the world to reveal his inner thoughts and feelings of his imaginative world.

Start Select
A dance-ode to the 8-bit technology of first-generation video games. A celebration of movement, color, nostalgia, and beautiful music to reveal that from electronic scores of “beeps” and “bloops” come playful, complex, dark, and affecting melodies that transport and emotionally inspire.

9 performers

produced by Live Action Set with support from The Southern Theater